Irish Family History Society

Irish Family History Journal, Vol II  (1986)

Out of print. Copies of articles available by request.


  • Editorial
  • Constitution of Irish Family History Society
  • Committee Members Photograph
  • Reports by County on Research Activities in Ireland   Michael Byrne
  • Irish Family History Society News
  • Athlone, Co. Westmeath Genealogical Records  Garoid O'Brien, DLIS, FLAI.
  • A note on Historical sources of Genealogical value in Co. Meath    Carmel Duffy
  • The Surnames of Co. Clare    G.Kennedy
  • The Value of a Master Index    G.Kennedy
  • 100 Wexford Surnames    Hilary Murphy
  • When Wexford Farmers emigrated to Brazil   Hilary Murphy
  • The Memorial Inscriptions of Wexford and Wicklow    Brian J. Cantwell
  • Liverpool "Strays" of Irish Interest    Mrs E. Wolff-Vorbeck
  • Some Tomestone inscriptions of Irish interest in British Colombia, Canada    Dianne Jackson
  • Obituaries and tombstone inscriptions from Canada    Marie Daly
  • Hugh Tyrell (1130 - 1199)   First of his race in Ireland    Alma Brook-Tyrrell
  • The Mooney family of Doon, Co. Offaly    Liam Cox
  • Member's Interests Lists
  • Book Notices
  • I. F. H. S.  Membership List - alphabetical
  • I. F. H. S.  Membership List - details


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