Irish Family History Society

Irish Family History Journal, Vol 19  (2003)

A5, 128 pages

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  • Cover ImageEditorial
  • Ballinafagh Parish   J. N. S. Reid (R.I.P.)
  • At last my Stepfather's Roots have Been Found  Mary Russell
  • Kathleen Rose Quigley  Anthony J. Murphy
  • A Friend of every Man (Father Pat) Rev. Henry I Irwin Pat Baylis
  • Reward for Honesty  Peter R B Davies
  • The Emmet Family  Mirriam Meade 
  • How many children did Daniel & Johanna McCormack have?  Leonora McCormack
  • Laurence Carew M. P. (1853-1903)  James Robinson 
  • I was told this in 1958 in my Grandma's letter Carolyn M B Rhodes
  • Rev John George Frederick Schultze (c1763-1839) and the Stranding of The Margery and Mary 
  • near Wexford in 1806 with its Unusual Consequences G Rex Meyer 
  • "Died at Sea": A Family Table?  Mrs Patricia Mansfield Phelan 
  • Unraveling our Mulvihill - Ryan Connection  Mary A. Russell
  • Report of Mulvihill Trial, March 21, 1821 in Kerry Evening Post  Mary A. Russell 
  • Looking for my Ussher Ancestors  Joan Ussher Sharkey
  • Are the Celts Truly Self Uprooted?  John D Rugg 
  • If Only  Norah Davies
  • Is There A Graveyard Nearby?  Margaret Bonar
  • The Long Search  Paul J Gallagher 
  • Some of the Fitzpatricks who went to the U.S.A. Lillian Fitzpatrick Wright
  • The Problem with Names  Angela Rider
  • Extracts from Kildorrery R.C. Parish baptismal Records (1800-1883)  John P Myers Jr 
  • James and Edward McGarrigle  Carolyn M B Rhodes 
  • Publication Reviews  Edward Brennan
  • Irish Family History Society details

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