Irish Family History Society

Irish Family History Journal, Vol XI  (1995)

Out of print. Copies of articles available by request.


  • The Forrestals in Australia   Carmel McAusland
  • Captain Hughes and the Ghost Ship   Patricia Moorhead
  • The Conroy Family   Jean Conroy
  • Meat on the Bones   Bernadette Marks
  • Edward Egan   Maryan Egan-Baker
  • Ancestral Guidance, Intuition, Pure Luck  Colin A. Rogers
  • Blacksmiths registered at Dublin Castle   Sandra Pigott
  • Ithe India Callaghans   Alfred D F Gabb
  • 1766 Religious Census   Richard Flatman
  • Inishowen Peninsula, 150 years on   Conn Smith
  • The McClelland Detective Story   Pamela Stephens
  • New Foundland Fire 1816   Richard Flatman
  • Liverpool and the Famine   Jo McCann
  • Urban History Records as a Source   Michael Byrne
  • Bourney Graveyard   Nancy Murphy
  • Early Mount Isa Mines Ltd. Irish Employees  Terry Eakin
  • Woulfe Flanagan Family   Danny Parkinson
  • Book Reviews
  • A Letter   Sandra Pigott
  • Raheny Heritage Society
  • Eliza Mary Dwyer   George Careeg


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