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Books and Occasional Publications - Books of British origin (part 2 of 2)

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Books and Occasional Publications of British Origin  (part 2 of 2).
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    Books of British Origin  
  Fed. of Fam. Hist. Soc. Military Genealogy  
5A World War1 Army ancestory Norman Holding
5A World War 1 More Sources of Army Ancestory Norman Holding
5A World War 2 More Sources of Army Ancestory 3rd.Ed Norman Holding
5A British Army Location of Records1914-18 Norman Holding
5A Records of the R.A.F. How to find them Eunice Wilson
5A Genealogy Services Directory 1997 Spec. Info Services
5A The Local History Links 1998 New and secondhand books  
  Militia lists & musters 1757-1876 4th. Edition Jeremy Gibson & Mervyn Meddlicott
  The location of British Army records 1914 - 1918   Norman Holding
5A Fed. of Fam. Hist. Soc. General Interest  
5A Copy & Database Right  A personal guide to Fam. Hist. Societies David Lambert
5A Dates & Calendars For the genealogist  
5A Gen. Guides for Indexing Projects Mar-98 Alfred Webb
5A East Anglian Families 4th. Edition John Perkins
5A Forming a one name group   Derek A. Palgrave
5A 1881 Census Index Survey England,Wales & Channel Islands  
5A Family Hist. Secretaries Notes for guidance  
5A Writing & Publishing your Family. History   John Titford
5A The Family Historian Enquire within Pauline Saul & F.C.Markwell
5A Survey of Projects Part 1 & Part 2 John P. Perkins
5A Company & Business Records  For Family Historians Eric D. Probert
5A Beginning Your Family History 7th. Edition George Pelling
5A Looking At Old Photographs   Robert Pols
5A Dating Old Photographs 1st. Edition Robert Pols
5A Dating Old Photographs 2nd. Edition Robert Pols
5A Photographs for Family History   Robert Pols
5A Current Publications By member Societies 10th.Edition Eliz. Hampson
  Anglo Indian Legacy 1600 - 1947   Alfred D. F. Gabb
  Society of Genealogists Publications  
5A My Ancestors were Londoners   Cliff Webb
5A My Ancestors were Baptists   Geoff. R. Breed
5A My Ancestors were Congregationalists in England and Wales with a list of registers D.J.H. Clifford
5A My Ancestors married in England or Wales   Anth. J. Camp
5A My Ancestors Married English Presbeterians & Unitarians   Alan Ruston
5A My Ancestors were Manorial Tennants   Peter B. Parks
  My Ancestors were Freemen of the City of London   Vivienne E. Aldous
5A Was your Gr. Father a Railwayman First edition Tom Richards
  Was your Gr. Father a Railwayman 2nd. Edition Tom Richards
5A Greater London Cemetaries & Crematoria   Clifford Webb
5A Gen. Reg Office, One Name Lists In the library of the Soc. Of Genealogists  
5A How to use the Bernau index   Hilary Sharp
5A Parish Register Copies In the library of the Soc. Of Genealogists  
5A Using the Library of the Soc Of Genealogists  A Guide  
  Searching for Irish Genealogy in the Library of Soc. Of Genealogists  Library Sources No. 4  
5A The British Army its Histiory and traditions   Henry Swinerton
5A Reading old Title Deeds 1st. And 2nd. Edition Julian Cornwall
5A Using Newspapers & Periodicals   Colin R. Chapman
5A Church Registers    Lillian Gibbens
5A Occupations  A preliminary list Joyce Culling
5A Occupations  A preliminary list 2nd. Edition Joyce Culling
5A Affection Defying the Power of Death Wills, probate & Death duty records  Jane Cox
5A Planning Research Shortcuts in Family History Michael Gandy
5A The Census Returns for England and Wales Sue Lumas
5A Using Computers for Genealogy   David Hawgood
5A Tracing Your German Ancestors   Peter Towey
5A Anglo Indian Legacy 1600 - 1947   Alfred D. F. Gabb
  Library Sources Series    
5A No. 2 Marriage Licences Abstracts & Indexes in the Soc. Library  
5A No.3 A List of Parishs  In Boyds Marriage Index  
5A No 7 Sources of Scottish Genealogy In the Soc. Library  
5A No. 10 Maritime Sources  In the Soc. Library  
5A   " Basics About" series  
5A Using Marriage Records for the Family Historian Pauline Litton & Colin R. Chapman
5A Tracing your Catholic Ancestors   Michael Gandy
5A Heraldry for Family Historians In England Ian Swinnerton
5A Family Hist. Research in Glamorgan   Rosemary Davis
5A Using Baptismal records for Family History   Pauline Litton
5A Using the Family Record Centre   Audrey Collins
5A Using Death & Burial Records for the Family Historian   Lillian Gibbens
5A Using Wills after 1858 & 1st. Avenue House   Audery Collins
5A Using Record Offices for Family Historians 2nd. Edition Tom Wood
5A Using Education Records   Colin R. Chapman
5A The Local History Link Edited by David Brown  
5A The Gen. Services Directory 1997 Edited by R.Blatchford & Geoff. Heslop  
5A IGI on Computer, Gen Index From CD Rom David Hawgood
5A Family Search on the Internet   David Hawgood
5A The Ass. Of Genealogists & Record Agents Members List 1998 / 1999  
5A The Birmingham & Midlands Society for Genealogy & Heraldry 1963 / 1984  
5A The Midlands Ancestry Journal of the above Society  
5A Web publishing for Genealogy 1997 and 1999 Peter Christian
5A London and Nth. Middx. Fam. Hist Books by Post Summer 1999  
5A No. 1 The Registers of the Venetian Chapel in London Baptisms 1744 - 1796, Marriages 1744 - 1754, 1772 - 1788  
5A No. 3 Bishops Registers of Confirmation in the Midland districts of the Church in England  1768, - 1811 and 1816  
  Strays,- an index British strays in Canada Vol 1 1999
5A The Newspaper Library  The British Library  
5A Newspapers and Periodicals for sale on michrofilm Foreign& Commonwealth Countries 1987 - 1988  
5A Michrofilm of Newspapers and Journals for sale 1985 - 1986    
5A McBeth Genealogical Books, Hampton, Victoria, Australia  Michrofiche Catalogue July 1994  
5A The Assoc. of Genealogists & Record Agents List of Members 1988 - 1999  
  New Titles Jan. to July 2000 Sutton Publications  
  "An Introduction to"… Series    
  British Civil Registration 2nd. Edition Tom Wood
  Friendly Societies Records   Roger Logan
  Poor law documents before 1834 2nd. Edition Anne Cole


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